Técnicos Asociados Consulting

tacsobreTécnicos Asociados Consulting offers to all its national and foreign clients the widest range of fiscal and legal services giving answer to their needs, and assuring them the most qualified professional advice based on more than 20 years of experience through our skilled staff, speaker of different languages.
We are expert in property conveyancing in Spain reassuring our clients the complete fulfilment of legality, and just leaving them the task to enjoy their properties in a Country as ours.

We invite you to visit our products and services.

Welcome to Tecnicos Asociados Consulting.

Mrs. Sonja Dietz



Vorbildicher Einsatz CBN Sonja Dietz

Mrs Sonja Dietz.  Tecnicos Asociados Consulting, S.L. Manager

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Doña Sonja Dietz - Premio
" Premio José Marsal Caballero en SOCIEDAD a Doña SONJA DIETZ por su labor

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